AMNESIA: Fear in Hands

We are proudly to present that 
Amnesia: Fear in Hands are now in full development by the Blaster GT (Blaster Lizard Gaming Team) who officially have a website in Mod DB and if anyone want to know more about this new expansion pack (Downloadable Content) you will must enter to our new forum in Mod DB.

We are going to try to give more info and news every day we can. Of course we'll be very busy during the making of and all the production who consist in soundtrack, programming, script, animations and voice recording. After all that steps, we will release the first version of the game. In another words, we will release a test version of the full game.

I hope You really enjoy all our features and we specially have made some videos who contain a few bonus tracks for the original and official Game Soundtrack. Time to sit down and relax hearing the masterpieces of music. Stay put and wait for news!


Amnesia: Fear in Hands

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